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For many years, microfilm has been an excellent long-term storage media. It is compact (a letter sized document can be reduced to 1/100 the size of the original), low cost and has a storage life that is projected to be 500 years. However, historically, it has also been difficult to work with. Years ago, we asked a library director at a major university with a large microfilm collection how students reacted to having to work with microfilm. Her response was “they typically respond quickly and drop the class”.

In the time since that interview, e-ImageData has come a long way towards addressing this ease-of-use issue. Following the introduction of our ScanPro®, library personnel now tell us patrons report that the ScanPro scanners actually make working with microfilm easy and fun. We have been in the microfilm industry for 40 years and had never heard “microfilm” and “fun” used in the same sentence prior to the introduction of the ScanPro products.

Some of the ScanPro’s outstanding features that make microfilm easy-to-use:

Intuitive Software with Familiar Application Icons and Tool Tips

The ScanPro® microfilm scanner software (PowerScan) is an intuitive Windows® computer application with familiar icons and text labels to reduce the learning curve for both occasional and first time users. Library directors have reported that the ScanPro is so intuitive that first time users can just sit down and start using the equipment.

Film Selection Wizard

Simply load your film on the ScanPro and click the Film Selection Wizard graphic on your monitor that matches the microform that you will be using. That simple click will recall all of the settings including magnification, image rotation setting, film type, and button controls for that microform application. You can customize the Film Selection Wizard for any microform applications and you can even add your own custom photo icons. No other microfilm scanner on the market provides these powerful, time-saving features.

Optical Image Rotation

Optical image rotation gives the microfilm scanner the ability to physically rotate the camera sensor to best match the width and height of the sensor to the width and height of the film image for both portrait and landscape images. This capability insures maximum image resolution for both portrait and landscape images.

Customizable Tool Bar

With just a single click, you can customize the tool tabs and button controls to fit your specific needs for any application. In addition, the interactive on-screen help menu is always available at your fingertips to answer questions or provide more information about how to use any button control.

Compact Size Fits Almost Anywhere and All Controls Are “On-Screen”

Small and compact, the ScanPro microfilm scanners fit almost anywhere. The ScanPro is built for durability in public use applications. The construction is heavy gauge steel throughout and all moving parts use steel bearings for long term reliability. The combination carriers for all film types are easy to use and fast to operate.

The innovations incorporated in the ScanPro scanners have greatly advanced the usability of microfilm but there is still more that we will be doing.

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