ScanPro® All-In-One™ Specifications

ScanPro All-In-One Specifications
AUTO-Carrier™: Automatic scanning support for film, fiche and jacketed fiche
With the exception of the ScanPro 1000, any ScanPro model in the field can be upgraded on-site to include an AUTO-Carrier (depending on the model, and upgrade kit may be required).
UC 550: 16/35 combination motorized roll film and fiche/aperture cards
UC 650: 16/35/35M Cartridge combination motorized roll film and fiche/aperture cards
Standard Software Features
User Interface: Intuitive Windows computer interface with customizable film selection wizard. Single-click to automatically set up your scanner using custom presets that retain all settings including optical zoom and focus. These easy-to-use presets can be selected by simply clicking a picture of the customer’s film.
For a complete list of software features, please visit the Product Specs for each model
Features Added by ScanPro Advantage Membership (6 Month Evaluation Free)
AUTO-Scan™ Pro: Automatically scans roll film b,(including oversized 35mm film), fichec and jacketed fichec
Straighten/crop, straighten, set brightness
File formats: Single PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more
Unlimited scans, up to 100 images per minute (IPM) rollbc and fichec, and up to 70 IPM jacketed fichec (forward or reverse)
PowerScan Productivity Suite (PPS): WORD-Search™, INFO-Link™, Copy-to-Clipboard, OCR word searchable multi-page PDF, using ABBYY® Fine Reader OCR engine for speed and accuracy
For a complete list of ScanPro Advantage membership features, please visit the Product Specs for each model
All-In-One Product Information
Desktop All-In-One Operating Footprint
7.5in x 16.5in x 16.5in / 19cm x 42cm x 42 cm (H x W x L)
Operating Systems Versions, 32 and 64 bit: Win 7 to Win 10; Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Home
Computer Interface
USB 3.1
Power and Weight
100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 32lb / 14.5kg
Film Path Straight film path
Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR® Certified
Product Safety OSHA workplace safety certified to US/CA standards
Warranty 3-year factory warranty (includes carriers)

b–Requires Roll Film carrier     c–Requires AUTO-Carrier  Patents 8,269,890 8,537,279 9,179,019 9,197,766 9,158,983 9,323,725   © 1/2022 e-ImageData Corp.

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