ScanPro® PowerScan™ Software 

Elevating Microfilm Excellence with Powerful Software Solutions

e-ImageData's PowerScan™ software stands as an innovative solution, revolutionizing records retrieval, document scanning, and digitization processes for microform collections. With a user-friendly interface and an extensive set of non-expiring standard features, PowerScan ensures a timeless and robust performance. These standard features, including continual image focus during optical zoom, streamlined workflows, and seamless document transformation, serve as the backbone of its efficiency. Furthermore, PowerScan offers an exclusive software membership –ScanPro® Advantage– tailored for conversion projects, providing additional tools such as high-speed automatic scanning and advanced OCR tools. Notably, the non-expiring nature of its standard features and the commitment to free updates solidify PowerScan as a forward-thinking and enduring solution for organizations managing microform collections.

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Some of the Standard Features and Benefits included with PowerScan™ Software:

1. Continual Image Focus: The software ensures continual image focus even during optical zoom, providing clarity and precision in the digitization process.

2. Optimized Workflows: PowerScan is geared towards streamlining workflows, allowing for efficient handling of microform collections and making the document retrieval process more seamless.

3. Document Transformation: The software facilitates the transformation of physical documents into digital assets, enabling easy storage, retrieval, and sharing of information.

4. Enhanced Efficiency: PowerScan contributes to enhanced efficiency in record management, reducing the time and effort required for tasks such as document scanning and data retrieval.

Overall, e-ImageData's PowerScan™ software is a comprehensive solution that not only meets the basic requirements of document digitization but also goes beyond with advanced features to improve the overall efficiency of microform collections.

The exclusive software membership, ScanPro® Advantage, tailored for conversion projects, adds a layer of specialization to PowerScan. This membership equips users with additional tools and functionalities, making it particularly well-suited for organizations undertaking digitization efforts on a significant scale. By offering a heightened level of efficiency and effectiveness in managing various volumes of microform content, PowerScan remains a valuable asset for institutions seeking to modernize their document management processes.

Key Features and Benefits of Exclusive Software for Conversion:

1. High-Speed, Automatic Scanning with AUTO-Scan™ Pro:

          • Exclusively designed for automatic scanning and conversion of microfilm and microfiche.
          • Scan documents up to 100 images per minute for film and up to 70 images per minute for fiche.
          • Intelligent algorithms for locating, straightening, cropping, and enhancing each image.
          • Quality Assurance tools ensure 100% image capture on the first scan.
          • Unmatched capabilities for rapid and precise digitization compared to other products.


2. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Tools with PowerScan Productivity Suite:

          • Harness the power of OCR technology with ABBYY® FineReader.
          • Transform scanned images into searchable and editable text.
          • Convert entire microfilm images to word searchable PDFs with a single click.
          • Make scanned documents fully searchable and easy to edit.


3. SPOT-Edit™: 

  • Address the challenge of dark pictures when adjusting text for readability on the same film image.
  • Edit selected areas independently, leaving the remaining areas unchanged.
  • Users can select and adjust multiple areas, providing a customizable solution.
  • A customer favorite, hailed as a "must-have" feature for effective image editing.

4. AUTO-Adjust™:

  • A single-button solution for automatic adjustment of image brightness, contrast, and straightening.
  • Fits the "crop box" around the image, preparing it for easy scanning or printing.
  • Commonly referred to as "the magic button" for its user-friendly and fast operation.
  • Particularly favored by researchers and occasional users for quick and efficient adjustments.

Whether considering core functionalities or exclusive membership perks, PowerScan proves to be a versatile and indispensable tool for modernizing document management processes with unmatched efficiency.

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Here's what our awesome customers love about our ScanPro software:

"The SPOT-Edit feature is fantastic. We were recently working with a microfiche where the top row of images was a 1/3 dark with a hue over it and we couldn't read it at all. We used the SPOT-Edit button and viola, it lightened the image and the data pulled right through for a viewable image. It was amazing!"

-Lynn Peavler, Exelon Corp

"The ScanPro is so easy to use, perfect for our archives volunteer corps, who range from younger students with limited exposure to microform materials to senior citizens who embrace the easy-to-use software and automated features. The ScanPro has enabled us to attack archival digitization projects at an efficient pace without compromising quality. "

-Matthew Shirko, Baltimore Museum of Industry

"The automated features of our microfilm scanner have freed our team. Not having to sit at the machine to make sure every image is captured correctly has increased our efficiency and allowed us to focus on other tasks while the scanning process is taking place."

-Owen Prout, The Dallas Morning News