ScanPro® 2500 All-In-One™ Microfilm Scanner

e-ImageData's High Performance and Amazing Low Cost Microfilm Scanner

We have revolutionized the lowest cost microfilm scanner on the market today – and, it’s full of value. At e-ImageData, we are proud to continue to offer the best universal solution for replacing your old reader/printer and at a budget-friendly price. The 2500 All-In-One provides even more features and benefits that allow working with microfilm easier and faster than ever before.

The versatile ScanPro 2500 All-In-One is both an on-demand reader, printer, scanner for research and a conversion scanner for roll film, fiche and jacketed fiche. It uses a new high-performance camera producing the best optical image resolution in the industry. The 2500 All-In-One includes everything you need with the ability to do more as your application requirements grow. The All-In-One offers a roll film carrier (UC 550 or 650) for scanning 16mm/35mm microfilm and an AUTO-Carrier™ for scanning fiche and jackets. The AUTO-Carrier allows you to automatically move from image-to-image with a single click, automatically scan a range of images, groups of images, the entire fiche or jacketed fiche, making every job a breeze.

The ScanPro 2500 All-In-One comes with a free 6-month ScanPro Advantage membership that provides advanced software never before offered on a 2500. These features include AUTO-Scan™ Pro that scans up to 100 images per minute, the ability to auto-adjust each scan for proper brightness, PowerScan Productivity Suite (OCR software) that provides the ability to save scans in many file formats, OCR while scanning and the ability to link directly to a database for information look-ups.

The ScanPro Advantage membership also grants you full access to new features and performance enhancements as they become available – making your ScanPro the only scanner you will ever need to own.

To retain of all these features and benefits, an active ScanPro Advantage membership is needed. The membership fee is $249 year after the first 6 months. For more information on a ScanPro Advantage membership, please visit the Membership Benefits tab above.

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The ScanPro Difference

Why choose a ScanPro 2500? There are many exceptional things we do that set us apart from our competition and make us the product of choice worldwide. Our mission is to provide the best microfilm equipment on the market and it is our commitment to continually bring the most innovative, patented technology to our customers. Here are the exclusive highlights of the 2500 that no one else in the industry can deliver and we are proud to offer them to you.

Outstanding Capabilities Why the ScanPro 2500 Microfilm Scanner?
Easy on the budget
Priced competitively, it's the best reader printer replacement producing high quality images
5x- 32x optical zoom
Provides magnification to observe fine details, covers wide range of document reductions
6.6 megapixel camera2 Largest pixels in the industry producing the clearest image
Easy scanning One-click scanning to multiple locations
Add more functionality when you need it by upgrading to the 3500 at any time

2-uses 6.6 megapixel sensor

For a complete list of all of the ScanPro 2500 All-In-One features, please visit the "Product Specs" tab.

Here's what our customers are saying about the legacy ScanPro 2200 All-In-One...

Our ScanPro 2200 All-In-One works fast, it does the scanning job without flaw, and all of the aforementioned is done without a hiccup. The price is not too expensive, it can scan to multiple locations with one click, and it can scan 16mm/35mm microfilm, too.

Elizabeth Chan, Tamarac Branch Library, Florida

"Joe and I have become experts and we love our ScanPro 2200 All-In-One. We don't even want to show the other team members how to use it because we like doing it ourselves. We will eventually have to break down and train them. We are looking forward to starting the digitization process."

Christine, Parts Technical Support Manager, Navistar

"Currently, we are using the e-ImageData ScanPro 2200 for a project that has roughly 50,000 sheets of microfiche to scan. The scanner is functioning well and is a very good lower cost option for our project, The staff at e-ImageData have been very good to work with and have answered any questions we have had quickly and also resolved any issues quickly. We are looking forward to finishing up the project on-time and within budget because of e-ImageData’s ScanPro 2200 scanner."

Boyd Mortenson, BMI Productivity Solutions

“What is particularly impressive about the use of the ScanPro 2200 is that, through proper use of its many software options, images can be created from the most illegible (to the naked eye) of product in a format that is much enhanced in comparison to the original product."

-James Keating, La Salle County Genealogical Society, Ottawa, Illinois

ScanPro 2500 All-In-One Microfilm Scanner | e-ImageData

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