Benefits of a ScanPro® Advantage Membership

At e-ImageData we are constantly looking for new and emerging technology to improve our ScanPro products and provide intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces that have exceptional features and capabilities never before seen when working with microfilm. Patrons have commented that the features and capabilities of the ScanPro equipment are both easy-to-use and even make “working with microfilm fun”. We will continue these efforts as we continue to blur the line between microfilm and electronic information delivery.

ScanPro LabelWith an active ScanPro Advantage membership, your ScanPro includes powerful features for working with both roll film, fiche* and jacketed fiche. These features include AUTO-Scan® Pro that provides high-speed scanning of roll film and fiche at up to 100 images per minute (IPM) and jackets up to 70 IPM, the ability to auto-adjust each scan for proper brightness, PowerScan Productivity Suite (OCR software) that provides the ability to save scans in many file formats and OCR while scanning and linking directly to a database for information look-ups.

A membership allows you to scan with the largest range of file formats: TIFF, TIFF (GROUP 4 compression), TIFF (LZW compression), TIFF (Multi-page), TIFF (G4 compression & Multi-page), TIFF (LZW compression & Multi-page). JPEG, PNG, PDF, PDF (Multi-page), PDF/A (with OCR) and PF/A (with OCR and Multi-page). And, it will grant you full access to new features and performance enhancements as they become available – making your ScanPro the only scanner you will ever have to buy.

These features are automatically enabled on the ScanPro i9300, 3000 and 2200 at time of purchase and the first six months is free. To retain of all these features and benefits, an active ScanPro Advantage membership is needed. The membership fee is $249/year. A membership can also be added to your current ScanPro model at any time. For renewal, please visit our ScanPro Advantage membership portal.

Check out our newest software release, AUTO-Scan QA!

*To automatically scan fiche, an AUTO-Carrier™ is needed. To learn more about the AUTO-Carrier and the universal ScanPro® All-In-One™, please visit

Discover more about our ScanPro Advantage membership software capabilities below:

  • OCR Tools
  • AUTO-Scan® Pro
  • Ultra Fiche

OCR Tools — Discover the Power of Word Searchable Microfilm

With the ScanPro’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology you can search for words that you select, link words, names, and locations directly to information sources, copy selected areas as text to the clipboard, or convert your entire microfilm image to word searchable PDF's, all with a single click of the live image on your view screen. These patented OCR features are bundled together as the PowerScan Productivity Suite (PPS) and is now available on the ScanPro i9300, 3000 and 2200 microfilm scanners with a ScanPro Advantage membership.

The e-ImageData OCR features for microfilm are powered by ABBYY Fine Reader. This world class OCR software is consistently chosen by researchers for accuracy and speed. We have licensed the ABBYY Fine Reader engine and integrated it into the ScanPro software to insure the highest possible performance. In addition, we work directly with the image on the screen to further reduce the number of steps to complete any feature and to maximize OCR speed. Only the ScanPro Productivity Suite have these features.

Our exceptional PowerScan Productivity Suite (PPS) OCR software provides the user with unlimited, powerful OCR tools for working with microfilm. PPS is leading the marketplace as the fastest word searchable OCR software in the micrographics industry. And we have now gone a step further. We made these powerful OCR features even better by adding high speed processing algorithms to these already exceptional OCR capabilities. These proprietary high speed algorithms, Smart Navigation Active Processing (SNAP), give the ScanPro microfilm scanners the fastest OCR capabilities in the micrographics industry.

WORD-Search™ Find words right on your microfilm image without having to read through the entire page. Just enter the word that you are looking for in the search box and if it is on the microfilm, it will be highlighted everywhere it appears.

INFO-Link™ Use INFO-Link to get more information about what you see on your microfilm screen image. Just click to highlight a word or words and then select the internet reference source that you want to use, like Wikipedia, a thesaurus, or a dictionary.

Copy-to-Clipboard Select information that you see on your microfilm image and copy it to the clipboard as editable text for pasting into any document or presentation.

Multi-Page Word-Searchable PDF With a single click, you can convert any microfilm image to a multi-page word searchable PDF.

Note: A single page word searchable PDF is included on all ScanPro models at no additional cost.

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AUTO-Scan is desktop, automatic scanning software for 16mm, 35mm and cartridge(M) roll film that is offered on the ScanPro i9300, 3000 microfilm scanners. AUTO-Scan is available on the ScanPro 2200 only if an AUTO-Carrier is installed with a ScanPro Advantage membership. AUTO-Scan has been on the market for over 8 years and is the desktop scanning software of choice used by libraries, archivist, genealogists, corporations, government agencies and service bureaus around the world. Users of this software report that it is easy to use, offers time saving features not available with any other software and has a track record of reliability. It is reported that hundreds of millions of microfilm images have been scanned using AUTO-Scan software.

AUTO-Scan® Pro is the fastest and most accurate desktop scanning software on the market.

The AUTO-Scan Pro software uses intelligent algorithms for locating each image, straightening each image, cropping and removing unwanted borders. You can even elect to have each image adjusted for best brightness and contrast before the scan is automatically saved in the file type you have specified. No other scanner on the market can provide these capabilities.

  • The best in fast and accurate scanning
  • Works with positive and negative film
  • Scan 16mm/35mm and cartridge(M) film
  • Scan in the Forward or Reverse direction
  • Scan the entire roll or select number of pages
  • Automatically straighten each image
  • Crop and remove borders
  • Automatically adjust brightness and contrast
  • Select the file type for saving scans
  • Automatically name each scan
  • See each image as it is scanned
  • Select the folder for saving your scans
  • Scan speeds of 100 images per minute

Ultra Fiche

Ultra Fiche is a form of microfiche (transparent base) with the images greatly reduced in size, generally by a factor of 90 or more. This feature allows you to read these types of microforms, making research easy and efficient with a 7x-105x optical zoom.

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