There are many reasons why our customers love their ScanPro® microfilm scanners and you can read them here:

We now have our ScanPro i9300 set up and have been getting to use it since COVID. We love the ease of loading the 16mm reel film. The scanned images are superb. We have run a few requests off of different reels and love the end product and quality that we send to our requestors. So far, we are very impressed with the ScanPro i9300. Great product!!

Tina Gilbert, Document Services Analyst, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp/EVERGY, Kansas

We purchased our ScanPro 2200 this year and we love how intuitive it is. I am not a techy person, but I am able to easily tweak the machine to get great scans. The AUTO-Scan feature is a lifesaver. We have been able to scan our film quickly while we do other things, and when we have had problems, support from Tom R. has been quick and top notch.

Pam Harrison, Library Director, Apache Junction Public Library

When we upload our film, it's so easy to make it legible, crop, and redact all in one....and we can email right from the machine.

Tina Roeder, Euclid Police Department, OH

We love that the ScanPro 3000 All-In-One has so many automatic options; these make taking full advantage of its best features a breeze! Our patrons are impressed with its abilities--mostly the clarity they can get from 50 year old microfilm.

Connie Brian, Texarkana College

Where to begin! I love everything about our ScanPro 1100. The ease of having the images directly on my computer screen, the print options, and auto adjust. But the biggest love goes to convenience!

Rebecca Hurley, Warren County Public Schools

I am a history/genealogy librarian that uses the ScanPro 800 often. It is so convenient and easy to use. Patrons even feel comfortable using this machine after minimal instruction.

Laura Johnson, Green County Public Library

It is so easy to use and so versatile between microfiche and microfilm. Just click a button to choose what type of film or fiche. We also really like that we can crop out a part of the page and only print that. We also like that you can save images to a USB instead of printing out.

Lori Preston, Park Ridge Public Library, ScanPro 2200 Standard

The ScanPro 3000 All-In-One is so easy to use, perfect for our archives volunteer corps, who range from younger students with limited exposure to microform materials to senior citizens who embrace the easy to use software and automated features. The ScanPro has enabled us to attack archival digitization projects at an efficient pace without compromising quality.

Matthew Shirko, Baltimore Museum of Industry

Our ScanPro 3000 has allowed our community to access its history in a whole new way. It is so easy to access information, edit it, save it, and send it. We love the options it gives us to share history!

Miriam Andrus, Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

Easy to use, great quality scans!

Jill Westover, Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Gordon Library, ScanPro 2000 Standard

The automated features of our ScanPro 3000 have freed our team. Not having to sit at the machine to make sure every image is captured correctly has increased our efficiency and allowed us to focus on other tasks while the scanning process is taking place.

Owen Prout, The Dallas Morning News

I love the ability our ScanPro 800 gives me to convert our microfilm. It's very nice for that purpose.

Gregory Fahey, Prince William Public Library System Virginia

I love the ScanPro 2200 because it's so easy to use!! We use it to access very old documents that otherwise we wouldn't be able to access!!!

Billie Daniels, Weeks, Townsend Memorial Library, KY

Our ScanPro 1100 is easy to use, provides great quality images, it allows patrons to save images to their jump-drive and staff members and patrons like it. We've had it for approximately 2 years now.

Craig Scott, Gadsden Public Library, Main Branch, AL

I absolutely love my ScanPro 3000! I inherited a large number of microfilms years ago and had been using them in a used Ricoh reader/printer. To get them into an electronic format, I would have to print them and them scan the printed material. That is all in the past now. I purchased my Scan Pro last fall and have used it every day since. I am a professional genealogist and have been able to be a more effective researcher with this machine. I am looking forward to purchasing the automated fiche reader in the near future. Thanks to Jeff and his team, I have more work than ever before!

Luana Wendt Darby, professional genealogist

The ScanPro 3000 is so easy to load, better than our last one. It's easier to clip. People can put multiple images on one page, saving them money for copies. It's easy to adjust. It does better with the darkness of photos, including lightening just the photo you want but not the print that goes with the photo because photos are often really dark. It's smaller and fits on the counter a little better. It's quiet enough. Nothing has gone wrong so we have saved money by not having to have it services.

Mary Hedge, La Porte County Public Library, Indiana

The ScanPro 2200 has been an amazing product for reading microfilm. I appreciate that it has a multitude of features that allow users to quickly and easily navigate back and forth and adjust/focus the picture so that they can see what is on the microfilm. My absolute favorite thing, though, is that it will rewind the microfilm for you. This has been a huge time saver!

Clayton State University, GA

I love ScanPro for genealogy research, newspaper archives, and Census data. The ability to scan to portable digital media or directly to email is a great improvement over the days of only print output.

Ted Lujan, City of Commerce Public Library CA, ScanPro 700 Standard

Our ScanPro 2200 All-In-One works fast, it does the scanning job without flaw, and all of the aforementioned is done without a hiccup. The price is not too expensive, it can scan to multiple locations with one click, and it can scan 16mm/35mm microfilm, too.

Elizabeth Chan, Tamarac Branch Library, FL

I love the product durability and how helpful the people at the e-Image Data are when installing new computers and needing software guidance.

Jim Mumm, Marquette University Eckstein Law Library, Milwaukee WI, ScanPro 2000 Standard

I love our ScanPro 2000 because it is easy to use. We don't work with microform a lot, so being easy is a huge advantage. Also, the people we worked with to set it up and troubleshoot were great.

Rachel Gordon, Duke

UCPL loves our ScanPro 2000 because it makes scanning and printing microfilm seamless. Our patrons love the ease of use and the many adjustment options. The ability to edit, save, email, or print scans is also a top feature.

Gypsy Houston, Union County Public Library

Ease of use and powerful features such as high-speed scanning, and the ability to change the resolution on a picture while keeping the text in focus.

Roy Vandenbark, Vogel Library, Wartburg College, IA

Being able to scan directly from the microfilm makes it much easier for our researchers to save and keep track of the results of their searches.

Brianna LoSardo, Seton Hall University, Archives, Walsh Library, ScanPro 2000 Standard

It creates wonderful scans of our materials to share with our students! ❤️ We are planning to use it for scanning our collection of photographs in the fall which will be treasured by our community.

Sarah Ponichtera, Seton Hall University, Archives, Walsh Library, ScanPro 2000 Standard

The ScanPro 3000 makes the content of our microfilm collection more useful and accessible to our users.

Ann Kenne, University of St. Thomas, MN

We have the ScanPro 3000 All-In-One. It's easy for patrons to use and to scan to digital for their research. We love the machine and are glad to be able to offer it to our university community.

Heather Perez, Stockton University, NJ

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