The ScanPro® Difference

Why are our ScanPro line of microfilm scanners the product of choice for libraries, research facilities, universities and organizations worldwide? Well, there are many things we do that set us apart from our competition and we like to call it the ScanPro difference.

The ScanPro difference can be broken down into three main differentiators: Reliability, Performance and Ease-of-Use.

ScanPro Reliability

e-ImageData is known throughout the industry for having superior product reliability. This reliability begins with the construction of our ScanPro products. Under the decorative cabinet covers, heavy gauge steel is used throughout the microfilm scanner and all moving parts use steel ball bearings for smooth operation time and time again. The combination carriers for all film types, considered the best in the industry, are easy to use and fast to operate. From the motor we selected to power the ScanPro to the light we use to show your microfilm image on the view screen, the environmentally friendly design of the scanner is one that will last and continue working for you for years to come. It is not unusual to find a ScanPro that has made millions of scans and is working just like new.

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ScanPro Performance

When our ScanPro microfilm scanners complete an operation, we expect that operation to happen the same way time and time again. With the best-in-the-industry PRECISION-Guide rollers, and the precise micro-positioning capability of the roll film carriers, your microfilm image can be positioned quickly and accurately every time. These precision capabilities are what also makes it possible to provide exceptional features like continual image focus, wide range optical zoom, automatic film scanning and library quiet operation, and all with exceptionally low power usage.

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ScanPro Ease-of-use

The ScanPro microfilm scanner software (PowerScan) is an intuitive Windows® computer application with familiar icons and text labels to further reduce the learning curve for both occasional and first time users. And, just CLICK the Film Selection Wizard to automatically set up your scanner for any microform application. You can customize the Film Selection Wizard for your own applications and even add you own custom photo icons. And, one CLICK on-screen buttons complete look ups and research quickly and efficiently. And, there is an on screen help menu at your fingertips that provides details on how to use any button control. No other microfilm scanner on the market provides these powerful, time-saving features. AND, these features are standard on ALL of our ScanPro products and truly allow the user to see the e-ImageData difference in action.

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