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The ScanPro® microfilm scanners are the micrographic equipment of choice in the world’s most prestigious libraries, government offices and companies. The latest product release, the ScanPro All-In-One™ microfilm scanner, continues this tradition by providing “hands-free”, automatic scanning of microfiche and roll film. The ScanPro All-In-One is the first compact desktop scanner in the micrographics industry for all major microfilm types. The ScanPro All-In-One is fast, it is accurate and it is affordable!

Any of the current ScanPro models can ship from the factory as a ScanPro All-In-One. Add the new AUTO-Carrier™ (formerly known as the AUTO-Fiche™ Carrier-AFC) to scan your fiche. With the AUTO-Carrier you can move from image-to-image with a single click, automatically scan a range of images, groups of images or the entire fiche. Add a roll film carrier to automatically scan your roll film and you have a ScanPro All-In-One microfilm scanner that can scan all of you microfilm types right on your desktop while providing you with exceptional tools and capabilities for working with your film types.

For more information on this exciting product follow this link ScanPro All-In-One.

Watch for our announcement about the availability of exciting new capabilities for the ScanPro All-In-Ones!

At e-ImageData, we are always innovating. All updates and upgrades for the AUTO-Carrier are provided at no charge for customers with active subscriptions. We want to make sure that you always have the best.

Our ScanPro Microfilm Scanners are known for their exceptional reliability, performance and ease of use.

Why choose us? Well, there are many exceptional things we do that set us apart from our competition and make us the product of choice worldwide. Don't take it from us, our customers love to share what they think about our ScanPro products and why they are the most reliable, best performing and easy-to-use microfilm scanners in the industry. See for yourself and discover the e-ImageData difference!

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No other equipment on the market can match the ScanPro for its proven track record of reliability, high performance and ease-of-use. This equipment is modular, durable and is designed to meet the broadest range of micrographic applications, including fiche, jackets, 16mm and 35mm roll film, cartridge film, ultra fiche, microbooks, micro opaques, and aperture cards. From the details of our product design to our exclusive, patented technology, we are committed to providing only the best microfilm equipment available.