The AUTO-Adjust button (our customers refer to this exceptional feature as the “magic button”) is a button that with a single click will examine the current microfilm image on the monitor and will automatically adjust image brightness and image contrast for the best viewable image. It will straighten the image (if it is not straight) and it will adjust the screen crop box to fit around the image, making it ready for the patron to just click to scan or print the final image that is on the monitor. The AUTO-Adjust feature makes these adjustments quickly, speeding your research and "look-ups".

The AUTO-adjust feature is included in software for the ScanPro 2200 Plus, 3000 and i9300. A ScanPro 2200 requires an upgrade to a ScanPro 2200 Plus to include the AUTO-Adjust feature. If you ever need help adding or removing buttons, ask your reseller for help. Your scanner is equipped with a remote access feature which will make it possible for your reseller to connect to your ScanPro and show you how to make changes and to answer your questions.