ScanPro 3000 Features and Benefits

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26 megapixel camera1, the highest in the industry
Camera Orientation: Portrait and landscape, Maximum image clarity for both portrait and landscape images
Image Rotation: 360° optical and digital rotation
Interface: Intuitive Windows computer interface, easy-to-use with all film types
Customizable Film Selection Wizard: Single-click to automatically set up your scanner using custom presets that retain all settings including optical zoom and focus
7X-105X Optical Zoom: range, total zoom range 7x to 1575x
Fit-to-Window: Displayed image covers the entire monitor screen leaving no blank area
On-screen magnifier (selectable zoom) to read small text and examine fine details. Scan and print what is seen in the magnifier window
Continual image focus even during optical zoom (FOCUS-Lock TM)
Soft, bright, film-optimized, monochromatic LEDs with lifetime warranty and optically clear carrier glass for best image quality
Software selectable resolution: 150 dpi to 2000 dpi, 256 grayscale, bi-tone (B&W)
Maximum image size: 424 megapixels (image size is not optical resolution)
Media: Fiche/ultra-fiche/aperture cards (optional: 16/35mm, 16/35mm/cartridge, micro opaques)
Carriers (optional): AUTO-Carrier™, 16/35 roll film, 16/35/roll film & cartridge(M)
AUTO-Carrier: Automatic scanning support for Aperture Cards
PRECISION-Guide film rollers: Low inertia 12 ball bearing design protects film, easy-to-thread, provides precision control of film image position and movement
PowerScan Productivity Suite (Included with ScanPro Advantage Membership): WORD-Search™, INFO-Link™, Copy-to-Clipboard, OCR word searchable multi-page PDF, using ABBYY ® Fine Reader OCR engine for speed and accuracy
Single page OCR PDF using ABBYY® Fine Reader (files are saved as PDF/A)
Specify the dimensions for the printed or scanned document image
Three single-click print buttons: Print seamlessly using preset paper sizes and printers
Watermark and Copyright warning support for scans and prints
Three single-click scan buttons: Save seamlessly using preset file name, format, & path
Single-click scan to Cloud button: Save seamlessly to cloud using preset file name & format
Single-click scan to email button: Save and email securely using external or embedded email app
Single-click export scan button: Save specifying file name, format, & path
Save scan formats: PDF & TIFF, single and multi-page, with & without OCR, JPEG, and more
Previous/Next: “Click” to quickly and accurately move 1 to 9 images
SPOT- Edit™ (live editing provides speed and accuracy): Select any area (or multiple areas) then adjust brightness, contrast, redact or whiteout for any selection with a single-click
Single-click AUTO-Adjust button: Adjusts brightness, contrast, straightens, and crops
Optical straighten: Select fully automatic, line, or manual (click and hold to rotate)
Digital Rotate: Click to rotate image 90°, 180°, 270, & 360
Mirror: Click to mirror image
MergeClips™: Paste, annotate, arrange, and size multiple scans onto a single page
USB3/USB2/USB1: Convenient, front access port for portable flash drives
Upgrade a ScanPro 3000 at any time to a ScanPro i9300 to add functionality and optional features
AUTO-Scan® (included standard): Automatically Scans roll filmb and fichec
- Straighten/Crop, Straighten, Set Brightness
- File types: PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more
- Unlimited scans, up to 20 images per minute (IPM) roll film b and fichec (forward or reverse)
AUTO-Scan® Pro (Included with ScanPro® Advantage Membership): Automatically scans roll-filmb at 55 IPM without AUTO-Carrier, scans roll film b & fiche c at 100 IPM with AUTO-Carrier
- Auto-Brightness, Straighten/Crop, Straighten, Duplex Film, Forward and Reverse, Set Brightness
- File types: PDF, PDF/A & TIFF, single and multipage, without & with OCRd, JPEG, and more
- Unlimited scans, up to 100 IPM roll filmbc & fichec, forward or reverse (with AUTO-Carrier)
1The ScanPro 3000 high performance camera uses advanced pixel-shifting technology to capture higher megapixel images. e-ImageData starts with its 6.6 megapixel image sensor, largest in the industry, to capture and integrate 4 unique optical images into a single 26 megapixel camera image, the clearest image in the industry

ScanPro 3000 Product Information

Desktop All-In-One (AIO) Operating Footprint (H x W x L) 7.5in x 17in x 18in / 19cm x 42.5cm x 45.5cm
Operating Systems Versions, 32 and 64 bit: Win 7 to Win 10; Editions: Enterprise, Professional, Home
USB 3.1 Gen1 (also called USB 3.0)
32lb / 14.5kg
Power 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Film Path Straight film path (film not pulled across glass edges) & low inertia 12 ball bearing design protects film
Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR® Certified
Product Safety OSHA workplace safety certified to US/CA standards
Scanner & RF Carrier 3-year factory warranty (includes carriers)

Patents 8,269,890 8,537,279 9,179,019 9,197,766 9,158,983
a-Megapixel__b-Requires Roll_Film Carrier__c-Requires AUTO-Carrier__d-Requires PowerScan_Productivity_Suite__†-µm2=micron2

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