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Most of us tend to ignore software update notifications. Discover why you need to be mindful of updating your software in a timely manner to reap the full benefits of your product.

How many times have you updated the operating system on your smartphone since you got it? Some of those updates may have been minor, intended to fix a few bugs or patch a vulnerability. In fact, it seems like a lot of the firmware updates you hear about are to address security issues.

Just in the past month, customers with Ring doorbells were urged to update their software in order to address a security flaw that could allow hackers to access the live video and audio feeds sent from their doorbell cameras. Elsewhere making similar news, IBM also needed a firmware update to fix a vulnerability in its cloud server.

But while security is an important reason for software upgrades, there is another important aspect to them: enhancements.

Think about the new features added to your phone when major software or firmware updates are rolled out (all those new emojis). What if you had to buy a new phone to receive those new features? It would certainly be cost-prohibitive.

Many of the devices we use often these days operate on firmware that occasionally needs upgrading. In addition to phones, there’s our televisions, computers, cameras, even our automobiles. It would be impractical to have to replace those items rather than simply update them.

Firmware and software updates provide a device with advanced and improved operation without the need for hardware upgrade. These updates offer new features for the device, often enhancing user experience, not to mention fixing glitches or bugs in previous software versions. In essence, they keep your hardware relevant rather than obsolete.

This concept that applies to so many of our beloved consumer devices also applies to microfilm scanners. You don’t want to have to purchase a new scanning unit every time new features become available.

Fortunately, e-ImageData provides continual enhancements for your ScanPro through free software updates. (Yes, they are FREE!) For example, a recent update released in February includes the automatic scanning of jacketed fiche, among other important additions such as a new “Register/Renew” button for ScanPro® Advantage membership and “Check for Updates” button on the “About” tab of the setup window.

The consistent flow of software updates means your ScanPro will stay on the cutting edge of microfilm scanning throughout its lifespan. To help ensure a smooth upgrade, there are a few best practice steps we recommend you take. These steps and software downloads can be found here.

To update your software now or learn more about our ScanPro product line, please take a tour around our site!

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