NEW PROMOTION |Still Got FireWire?

Did you know that you can upgrade your FireWire unit to a state-of-the-art USB 3.0 ScanPro microfilm scanner? We're happy to announce the launch of our upgrade promotion for our domestic customers!

As leaders in the micrographics industry, we are continually bringing the best and most innovative technology to the market. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of your ScanPro® with the most up-to-date computer interface. It has always been our policy to provide an upgrade path to the next ScanPro model and this applies to your computer interface as well.

Why would you want to upgrade from FireWire to USB 3.0? Here’s why:

  • Increases data transfer speed, 2x faster through USB 3.0 versus FireWire.
  • Computers that are manufactured today do not have FireWire connectivity.
  • There are fewer choices when buying add-on FireWire cards and finding one compatible with your computer can be a challenge.
  • Budget-friendly solution to maximize your ScanPro investment.
  • The amazing benefits that include a new 3-year factory warranty!

For details about our domestic upgrade promotion, please visit:

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