Game of Thrones of Micrographics

The ScanPro® Difference is what sets us apart from our competition and makes us the microfilm scanners of choice worldwide.

Even if you weren’t among the 19.3 million viewers who tuned in, you undoubtedly were aware of the recent conclusion of the TV series Game of Thrones. Over the past eight years, it grew into a worldwide phenomenon and ended its run with the second-most Emmy wins of all time. It’s 38 trophies (from 128 nominations) ranks only behind Saturday Night Live’s 54 wins (from 44 seasons, mind you). It’s evidence that when you master your craft, as GoT producers, directors and actors did, you earn recognition.

So, what exactly does a show filled with fire-breathing dragons and walking dead have to do with microfilm? Since it was founded in 1989, e-ImageData has mastered the craft of micrographic film equipment. Now, we wouldn’t quite say we’re the Game of Thrones of micrographics, but our line of ScanPro products does continue to rack up awards.

Just in the past year, we added to our mantle a Project of the Year Award and Hardware Product of the Year from the 2018 Document Manager Awards and a platinum award from the 2019 Modern Library Awards.

Recognitions like these are a direct result of what we like to call the ScanPro® Difference. The ScanPro Difference can’t be summed up in a single word or phrase, but it’s a combination of reliability, performance, and simplicity that have made our products the go-to choice for prestigious libraries, universities and corporations worldwide.

Perhaps the first thing you should know about the ScanPro Difference is how different the All-in-One really is. In fact, it’s so different it’s the ONLY desktop, on-demand and conversion scanner in one machine on the market. But even if the All-in-One isn’t what you need, our entire line of products offer superior dependability and performance to make research, preservation and archiving efficient and affordable. Regardless of which ScanPro model you choose, it comes with these three differentiators:

Reliability: Every product is forged from a foundation of heavy-gauge steel with steel bearings for long-lasting, smooth operation. And, best-in-industry, 3-year factory warranty.

Performance: With best-in-industry precision-guide rollers and carriers, our microfilm scanners operate quickly and accurately each and every time – time and time again. And this precision allows exceptional features like continual image focus, wide range optical zoom, automatic film scanning and library-quiet operation.

Ease-of-use: Nobody likes to purchase a new gadget and then feel the frustration of not understanding how to use it. ScanPro software (PowerScan) is based on the Windows® platform, providing an intuitive interface that is familiar to Microsoft users and simple to learn for first-timers.

Let’s not forget how quickly the times are a changing. It may be a bit ironic – the idea that accessing and preserving old or historic information should be heavily impacted by technology – but the digital age is affecting everything. Micrographics are not immune to these changes. Fortunately, that’s another aspect of the ScanPro Difference that puts us at the top of the industry: we’re not only here to meet your current needs, but those of the future.

We like to say when you buy a ScanPro, you’re buying it for life. All ScanPro models are built to handle upgrades as application needs require – including both hardware and software.

A lot of companies can sell you a microfilm scanner, but e-ImageData offers you so much more than a piece of equipment. We’re selling you a promise that you’ll see and understand from the first time you use one of our products – and will continue to see for as long as you own that product. That’s the ScanPro Difference.

You know, maybe that does make us the Game of Thrones of micrographics.

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