New Software Update | Available Now!

Got ScanPro? As leaders in the industry, it's our mission to provide the best and latest technologies to the marketplace. Update to our latest software to ensure your ScanPro is working at its full potential.

The recent ScanPro® software update includes the following:

- Supports color (Requires hardware for color camera system)
- Improved crop accuracy
- Image-marks are cropped out of images
- Improved stop accuracy for image-mark sensing (ScanPro i9300)
- Improved AUTO-Scan® Quality Assurance (QA)*
- Improved AUTO-Scan Advanced tab auto-brightness*

*ScanPro Advantage Membership is required for these features.

Please be sure to follow the instructions at the top of the web page, as well as the best practices at the bottom to ensure that your software upgrade goes smoothly.

Click here to go directly to software download page.

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