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Preserving History | Memorial Day Serves as a Reminder of Importance

As we move through May, we get closer to Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer for many. Memorial Day also reminds me of history, of course, given its meaning. It’s not uncommon for people to confuse Memorial Day with Veteran’s Day. Indeed, there are some similarities. Memorial Day, which was originally…

Microfilm Digitization in Today's World

Looking at starting the digitization project? Here's what you need to consider before starting the process:

Our digital world has conditioned us to expect needed information to be accessible almost instantly. Even people who grew up in a pre-internet world have come to demand this. Most information today is available in a…

New ScanPro® Software Release | Download Now for Free!

At e-ImageData, we are committed to offering the latest technology to our customers. Therefore, we are always advancing our software to maximize our customers' investment. Our engineering team has added several new features and made numerous performance enhancements to better the user experience. Please

The New Normal | Working from home

You don’t need me to tell you we’re in strange times. Difficult times. In many ways, unprecedented times. With each passing day we hope for positive news about the pandemic, which continues to spread and alter our daily lives in multiple ways – both at home and at work (which are in many cases now the same place). We’re being…

Put A Little Green in Your Life | ScanPro Deal EXTENDED!

Your luck just got even better! We've extended this offer until April 30, 2020!

Call now to take advantage of this offer! 1-262-290-5790

​COVID-19 Readiness | Online Demos & Tech Support Right From Your Desk

Like you, we're monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus. That's why we're doing all we can to make sure our teams are available for online demos, purchase and customer support. You can count on us at a time like this, especially if you need help to keep your equipment running smoothly.

We will also be updating…

Employee Spotlight | James Westoby

Getting to Know James Westoby

President of e-ImageData

1. Briefly describe your current role at e-ImageData.

Planning and oversight

2. What’s…

PLA 2020 Winner Announced

"The Brentwood Public Library is ecstatic to be receiving the ScanPro® 2200 from e-ImageData! Earlier this year the library finished remodeling our local history room, we plan to use this scanner for our local history microfilm…

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