ScanPro Customer Success

CH Coakley

CH Coakley is a Wisconsin-based company providing document digitization services to organizations across multiple industries. As a “full-scan bureau”, their contracts include scanning multi-format records including large format drawings, business documents, historical documents, and microfilms for clients in healthcare, government, law offices and more. The ScanPro All-In-One 3000 by e-ImageData (the pre-cursor to the ScanPro 3500 released in February 2022) is a key tool to providing a complete digital record for challenging legacy files.

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Warren County County Records Center and Archives

Warren County Records Center and Archives purchased the ScanPro® 2200+ All-In-One™ to handle all of their microfilm needs and has proved itself as an award-winning solution to their continuing needs.

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Myer, Greene & Degge, CPA Firm

Myer, Greene & Degge, a CPA firm located in Pearl River, N.Y., successfully completed a conversion project with the award-winning ScanPro™ 2200 All-In-One that resulted in higher productivity, substantial equipment cost savings, confidential digital data conversion, and trackable efficiency gain.

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