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At e-ImageData, we are committed to offering the latest technology to our customers. Therefore, we are always advancing our software to maximize our customers' investment. Our engineering team has added several new features and made numerous performance enhancements to better the user experience. Please visit here to download your free upgrade .346a.

Here's a breakdown of the added features and their benefits:

1. Added ability to scan fiche column by column

As a user, you want your documents scanned in the logical order that they appear on the fiche. Documents on some fiche are ordered (i.e. document 1, 2, 3, etc.) row by row while other fiche are ordered column by column. Previously, row by row was the only option.

2. Added hybrid Auto-Brightness options in AUTO-Scan® Pro*

The Auto-Brightness (AB) function slows down AUTO-Scan (AS). Previously the choice was to disable AB or to enable AB. When disabled, AB is not performed on any of the documents. When enabled it was performed on every document regardless of whether it needed it or not. The hybrid AB option allows the AB function to run on only those documents that require it. This speeds up scanning when the AB function is needed for some of the images on a roll.

3. Added Micro-Opaque checkbox to Setup/Options window

Previously the film type button included Positive, Negative, and Micro-Opaque. Many customers do not have Micro-Opaque microforms nor are they familiar with them. When Micro Opaque is set, the lower illumination system is turned off and the upper illumination system is turned on. If a user accidentally sets the film type to Micro-Opaque, positive and negative films cannot be imaged. This can cause user confusion. This new checkbox allows presets to be configured to disable the Micro-Opaque function thereby eliminating user confusion.

4. Added logic to compensate for "crookedly" loaded fiche

Fiche is made by recording document images onto very wide rolls of film and that roll film is cut into fiche size pieces. This cutting operation is not always straight. Additionally, users do not always place the fiche straight into the carrier. For these reasons, the columns and rows will not always be "square" to the mechanism. Previously, due to these variables, as scanning advanced along a row or column the images would not appear in the center of the display during AUTO-Scan. Occasionally, this straightness error was so great that only a portion of the document image would be scanned. This feature allows for the compensation for this straightness error ensuring that document images are always scanned in their entirety.

*ScanPro Advantage Membership required. For a free 6-month trial, contact us!

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